Xanadu - Estate Chardonnay 2020

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Tucked away in AustraliaÕs south-west corner just 4km from Margaret RiverÕs town centre and an equal distance from the magnificent coastline, Xanadu has a long history of crafting outstanding wines that embody all the region has to offer. One of the regionÕs first vineyards established in 1977 by Dr John Lagan, and now one of the countryÕs most acclaimed wineries, Xanadu is a true reflection of its idyllic setting and poetic namesake. The Xanadu Estate range is their heartland, demonstrating their winemaking philosophy that the loudest voice in the glass is the vineyard. This wine is a modern, sophisticated and striking Chardonnay displaying classic Margaret River hallmarks. This striking Chardonnay offers purity, elegance and complexity. Medium bodied with a palate of lovely gala apples, pears, and tangy yuzu characters with a quartz-like minerality, moreish texture and pithy grapefruit phenolics.

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